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Carolyn Markham

Markham Marketing

Starting my own business wasn’t in my original career plan – I always thought I was a corporate person through and through. After studying Marketing at university, I went straight into the Financial sector and spent 15 years in London working my way up the career ladder in companies such as Fidelity Investments, Lloyds Banking Group and ending up in senior management within the Corporate & Commercial Marketing division at HSBC. I loved the work, the hectic pace and the lifestyle – I couldn’t see myself ever leaving. However, when the credit crunch hit and marketing budgets were drastically reduced, it gave me time slow down and seriously reflect on what I really wanted from life. So, after taking a 2 year career break to start a family, it was time to start looking for another new challenge. This is when I realised I could really add value to smaller businesses locally by sharing all the knowledge and expertise I had built up.

Markham Marketing was born in 2013. I wanted to give local businesses access to the quality and professionalism of a top London marketing agency but with the flexibility required by smaller businesses to deliver tangible results. I offer the full suite of marketing services from developing strategy and delivering campaigns through to design, both web and marketing materials, social media, blogs and copywriting. I love the diverse range of clients I work with and seeing projects through from initial development to end result is very rewarding. Whether a business is just starting up or an SME looking to grow – I can work alongside as part of the team to help achieve their goals and ambitions.

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About the business

We are a marketing consultancy based in Sussex that specialises in helping small to medium size businesses achieve their goals through professional marketing support. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, grow your business, or maximize the potential of existing customer base, with our vast knowledge and experience we can work with you. We offer both online marketing including Social Media and web design, and the more traditional marketing methods such as creative design and copywriting. Markham Marketing can work with you to develop both tactical and long term marketing strategies that will deliver tangible results. ​Our approach is flexible, running each project in a way that works for you and your business. We can work on an individual project only basis, or if you require more general ongoing marketing support, we can offer an outsourced marketing manager service at a level that suits you. Have a look at our Marketing Packages.​ The only standard is that the service we provide is professional and results driven.​ Your business is our business.

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