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Image of Doug Rubashow from Studio44
Creative & Marketing

Doug Rubashow


“I’ve been working for Studio44 for eight and a half years now, Larry, our MD and I, have been friends since school and I had always said, if there was ever anything within sales and marketing that he thinks I could help out with, then it would be great to have a chat about it. One day, out of the blue, he said he had an opportunity for me, the business was growing and they were at a point where they needed someone purely focused on the business development side and that was how it started and how I got involved. My background was in sports management with a focus on golf at university, it was basically training me up with a view to becoming a golf club manager. I love golf and I still play a reasonable amount, but I decided that actually, I think I’d rather keep golf separate and have it as my hobby, as opposed to looking at going down the teaching or golf club management route. So I got into this space via a random opportunity with a conversation with Larry and it’s grown and evolved. It’s an industry that’s constantly changing and growing, every day I’m learning new things that we can do to help drive our clients web presence forward, which is ultimately what we are always trying to do. Nothing is more rewarding than having a conversation with a client who has seen a significant upturn in business as a result of our work!”

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