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Image of Ezio Taranto from Zoom Films
Creative & Marketing

Ezio Taranto

Zoom Films

“When I left the military in 1987 in South Africa I had a child and a small family to support, but didn’t really have any job prospects, so I went for an interview at the national broadcaster. I’d applied for a position as an electronic engineer that I didn’t get, but was told that I had a very high aptitude and that they could offer me a job as a video tape technician, which was a good mix of technical and creative, I took to it like a fish to water. My whole family is quite creative, so I think I just fell into the right career and can honesty say that I’ve hardly ever had a blue Monday, really in my life, because I just absolutely love what I do. I was very fortunate. So, I got BBC training for what they call broadcast standards and quality control which took a year, I then went and did a two year creative video editing apprenticeship and have never looked back! In fact I was freelancing as an editor long before I was qualified! I’ve worked across almost every genre in broadcast and went into continuity directing quite easily and quickly because of my editing background. I then began directing commercials and studied marketing management to better understand my clients needs. I then started my business within an advertising agency in 2005. I built it up, bought my partner out and during the recession I had my best 2 years in business ever! It was phenomenal. I sold the business to move to the UK, here I enrolled to study Internet marketing as I could see the convergence between video and the Internet for quite some time before. Within a short time I’ve managed to reach out and connect with a lot of people through networking, invested a chunk of money on equipment and up skilling to drone operator, and started Zoom films in 2016. The premise of this business is to bring commercial quality production to companies with varying needs and budgets, providing excellent services with extra value.”

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About the business

Whether it’s a corporate video, a brand or promotional film, an explainer or testimonial video or aerial video and photographic services you’re looking for, we have it all covered. Our teams are all experts in their fields, we adhere to the BBC best practice processes and hold the required CAA certification for drone filming and photography.

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