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Image of Hugo Goodale from Casey & Associates

Hugo Goodale

Casey & Associates

"I have worked at Casey & Associates, a family run legal services firm specialising in Will Writing, Estate Planning and Trusts for homeowners, since 2009. My Father is the Practice Director. I spent the majority of my school holidays as a teenager helping with administrative tasks and most importantly of all…making the tea! Working with family is challenging, but is just as equally rewarding and I would not change it at all. I have undertaken virtually every role within the company which provides me with firm foundations when looking to the future and the continuation of the company. We have over 20,000 Clients throughout the South East of England and are absolutely committed to delivering high levels of satisfaction and service to our Clients."

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About the business

We are specialists in Will Writing, Estate Planning and Trusts, operating within the dynamic legal services sector. Years of experience and thousands of extremely satisfied clients suggest that we are very good at what we do. However, nobody ever achieved anything by resting on their laurels and we are not about to be the first to try! Almost 60% of the population who should have a Will still do not have one and that is why our mission is to continue to grow our business using the tried and trusted method that has served us so well up to now.

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