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IT & Technology

John Miller

Atlantic Business Communications

"I’m an ex Royal Naval officer and spent 10 years in the Royal Navy, I left because we had two little baby boys, so priorities changed. I then got some corporate jobs, with TNT Express and a few niche logistics companies in the City, became a director of four different companies and then in 2000 set my own logistics company up. All this time, I had a relationship with American Express who were looking for a partner, to do cost reduction and I had already delivered a really successful cost reduction project, for one of the companies that I was a Sales and Marketing Director for that had American Express as their largest customer. Then in 2004, we became the partner for American Express, delivering cost reduction across 22 different disciplines, all indirect spends, starting off with stationery through office depot. After 5 years, we realised that 90% of our business was telecoms and energy, so we developed bespoke software to audit billing for telecoms and energy, generally the most difficult invoices to fully understand.
We then span off Atlantic, did a bit of managed services to those customers, managing their telecoms spend and negotiating with all the different networks, Vodafone, BT, EE, 02 etc, with a view to reducing their spend and keeping it down. Then a lot of the customers were asking about getting the service directly from us, so in 2013 we started Atlantic Business Communications as a direct telecoms company wholesaling from network providers and then delivering solid customer services to support those products directly with everything on one bill with flexible contractual terms!
Within this industry most customers suffer when they have an issue, they don’t know if its BT, their telephone system maintainer, their broadband supplier or IT support company in terms of what’s going wrong. So we developed our own Telecommunications and IT support service alongside our secure backup, cyber security and GDPR compliance. It’s a one stop shop, with one phone to ring, or one throat to throttle!”

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About the business

We are an independent managed service provider for telecoms, IT and energy. We weave tried and tested technologies into bespoke solutions for our customers in the UK and internationally from our offices in Tunbridge Wells, Holborn, Southend and Henley-on-Thames. We know that technology is a means to an end, not our ultimate goal, however it is the bedrock of our service. Our bespoke approach is to help people work together seamlessly, effortlessly and to assist customers to become more efficient. This is our bread and butter, its never one size fits all. For us, our approach is all about mutual understanding.

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