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Image of Julia Maitland  from The Yoga House
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Julia Maitland

The Yoga House

"I started Yoga when I was really small, about 5 years old in the local community hall. My grandmother got me into yoga, she must have been one of the first western ladies to study yoga, as yoga only came to the Western world really in the 1960’s. I always loved it. Then, when I was about 13, I was diagnosed type 1 diabetic, I also had really bad asthma. You lose control of your body when you are diagnosed with lifelong chronic conditions like these, it was awful! I subsequently developed panic attacks and claustrophobia as a teenager and at the same time my Dad was working in the City and after the Black Friday stock market crash around about the same time, he was under immense pressure and became physically ill through stress, so much so that his blood chemistry changed which was due to the stress. My Dad found us this old guy, who was a Doctor, but he called himself a hypnotherapist and he worked with breathing – he completely cured both of us! I had a real link with him, he was much older, a bit like a grandfather figure, unfortunately he died when I was pregnant with my son. The strange story is that – one night I woke up after having a nightmare where I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die! The next morning, I thought about him, I gave my Dad a call and asked if he had heard from him, my Dad told me he had a phone call from his wife, and he had died that night! What he hadn’t told us was that as a youth, he suffered from TB and as a result, only had the use of half a lung, so he survived to the age of 85 – simply by mastering his breath. He was my first yoga guru (although he would have laughed at the idea of being called that).

I studied philosophy at university, I’ve always been interested in it and I’ve always wanted to help people. After that I started a degree in psychotherapy – it really wasn’t for me, not hands on enough. Then after having two children, I realised – actually I love yoga, I had always done it, but only for myself, so I thought it would be a perfect combination. It combats stress, it works a lot with breathing, it has a vast body of philosophy and wisdom and at a basic level it just helps people. I did my teacher training and as we were building our house, I thought; you know what, if I build a studio, people will come – so that’s what I did! I have a USP where I have a collection of teachers that use the studio, they take their own bookings and I don’t take any money from them apart from the room hire. It makes it really nice here, with a great atmosphere that helps the teachers and makes it extra nice for their clients"

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About the business

Julia started practicing yoga as a child in her local draughty community hall on a hand towel and has always found herself being drawn back to yoga over the years – although she now prefers to use the mats in her beautiful yoga studio! Julia completed her yoga teacher training at Yogacampus at The Life Centre in Islington, London and is a Yoga Alliance qualified teacher.

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