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Larry Hardcastle


“I first got into web design at the age of 12, when my grandfather mentioned that it’d be an interesting experiment to see if a certain line of classical records that he’d produced and converted to CD form may do well online.This was back in the days of dial-up internet, paid for by the minute…! We assembled a simple but appealing site, and waited to see what happened. Surprisingly quickly, we started getting orders in from across the UK and then from across the world, with correspondence and orders received from as far as the USA and Australia. This was massively exciting, and demonstrated very clearly that there was a future in “the Internet”! I started developing sites for friends and family, and through word-of-mouth, the business grew from there. I ran it alongside my school, and subsequently university commitments, graduating from King’s College London with a degree in Business Management.

At that point, I wondered if it was time to get a “proper job”. However, having run the business for so many years to that point, I thought I’d be best off giving it a go. So, I took an office in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, and took the leap to working full-time! The team grew slowly but surely, with the first person to join me being James – the two of us having been friends since the age of 13. Doug joined not long after. Fast-forward a few years, and the Studio44 team now numbers 12 people, and we’re able to offer the full digital-marketing spectrum of services, all based on in-house talent. We look after over 600 websites, and the thing I love to this day is the sheer variety and range of clients that we work with. We love solving problems and delivering results for clients, meaning that no two days are ever the same!"

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About the business

We are a Digital Agency based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, specialising in web design, development and digital marketing.

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