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Mike Penfold

Longridge Print

“The weird thing is the company is 50 years old and I’m not 50! I started in the industry around 1990, I was invited in to see how a printing company worked, it was like nothing I had ever looked at before, I saw these guys working, which was very ‘arty’ at the time, and I just thought it was really cool and knew it was what I wanted to do, and after doing 2 weeks experience with them I went home and said to my Dad, I really want to do this.That’s where my first bit of print passion came in with what we call ‘reprographics’ which was really interesting and takes a while to understand. Then I bought into Longridge in 2006 after being the Sales Director since 1999, I was given the opportunity to buy shares in the company which I did and then in 2018 the opportunity came up to buy the whole company, which I did and we’re now in our first month of trading as a new company, which is all very good! I’m really passionate about print, it’s a weird thing to say but when I see something that’s printed really well I get quite excited about it. We’ve got a really good vibe in the company now, it’s a good platform for us to start a fresh from, the guys here have got serious amounts of knowledge but we don’t want to talk terminology, we just want to work with our clients giving them exactly what they want”

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Proactive print solutions that brings your marketing solutions to life. Lithographic and Digital print with finishing, mailing and design solutions.

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