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Nicholas Bryant

Social Media First

“I started the business in 2012, it was such a good time for me, social media was really taking off and every business wanted to be part of it, it’s grown considerably since then and I’m really pleased with where the business is right now and feel so very excited for what we can offer in the future. Starting a business is tough and I take my hat off to anyone that starts one, whether it succeeds or not, it’s about getting an idea and running with it, it doesn’t matter if it fails as you’ll learn a massive amount from just trying. The business community in Tunbridge Wells is great! I have made so many great friends who also own businesses in the area and we all look out for each other, it’s a really positive town to work in”

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About the business

We look after your social media accounts like they are our own. Posting relevant, engaging content that reflects your business strengths on a daily basis so you can focus on running your business while your Social Media activity is taken care of with very little input from you.

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