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Image of Steve Bassi from SPB Mortgage Consultants Limited

Steve Bassi

SPB Mortgage Consultants Limited

“I left the city in 2001, after a 22 year career in investment banking. Having left school at 16, I got a job in a small branch of Midland Bank International Bank in Sheffield, I found it interesting, really enjoyed it and within two years I was transferred to the London Dealing Room Back Office and then the London Dealing Room itself! It was the boom times during “Big Bang” in the 80’s and before I knew it I was trading “Cable” (sterling/dollar foreign exchange) for Midland bank, it was phenomenal. I loved going to work, it was dynamic, fast moving and I was getting paid well. By my mid to late 20’s I found myself running the Global Business for Foreign Exchange Options for Midland Bank and I had people working for me in New York and Tokyo, it was an exciting time! As much as I loved the journey, it wasn’t forever, I was up at 5am every day, never home before 8pm, I rarely saw my kids and at some point I needed to opt-out and go and get a different life. So a few months before my 40th birthday I decided I was going to make the change. I initially set up a Private Hire Chauffeur business with my wife to drive my City contacts to Corporate events, golf courses, horse racing etc. which was great fun, not very profitable but it gave me my first sense of being self-employed and I enjoyed it. In 2004 I became interested in Mortgages, it seemed to be a good fit for me as I’m all about numbers and finance, so I took some advice on the concept of being an adviser. I got myself fully qualified and then joined this wonderful institution called BNI and it was from there that the business grew to where it is today. I started to meet people who didn’t know what mortgage they had and why they had it and it disturbed me, some had an Interest Only mortgage and they didn’t understand the difficulties they had ahead of them. I wanted to leave every customer understanding what they had done, and why they had done it. I wanted to be sure that if I wasn’t there at the next point in their journey, mortgage renewal, home move etc. they could see why they had the product and understand the reasons behind my recommendation. The absolute key for me has always been to communicate with the customer, and never to over promise and under deliver. I now get more job satisfaction out of taking someone through their journey to buy their first home, as I ever did doing a multi-million dollar trade in the City.“

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SPB Mortgages provide advice on all types of residential & buy to let mortgages, we also protect your home & your family once the mortgage completes.

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