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Image for Sandstone Design

"This is all great PR and profiling for us and I would not hesitate to recommend any business in Tunbridge Wells get involved in this innovative idea."

Ali Dempster

Sandstone Design

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"Real interview style, Nick gains a relaxed but from the heart account of where the journey started, the highs and lows and where you are today as well as your future goals. Great way to promote local businesses."

Pierre Roche

Aardvark Automotive Solutions

Image for Shere Kitchens

“It was great to be interviewed by Nick for Brilliant Businesses of The Surrey Hills & we are proud to be featured on their website. It is a fantastic initiative as they share your story of how you started your business & what you're passionate about...things that customers and potential customers love to hear about. We had such a lovely response on social media when we were featured by Brilliant Businesses & have enjoyed reading other local businesses stories too." - Ella Driscoll

Ella Driscoll

Shere Kitchens

That’s a great story, Neil. Well done!

What a wonderful life story Tom 👍 you so deserve to be experiencing your current success. Every client whom I have recommended to you has come back with glowing reports on your exceptional customer service. You are a credit to your lovely team and the industry you serve 👍 x

Brilliant post and great to know more about you and what you do. Will definitely be using your services

Beautiful story and so inspiring

A wonderful story The customer service is excellent and whether you are young or old you feel welcome and comfortable

“Both new and existing clients have been given a nudge, all resulting in 2 new projects in plan and another 3 on the horizon” 💥

You’re a great accountant and a really nice bloke as well, you deserve the success you’ve achieved and you’ve done me proud over the years

Lovely story congratulations on your fabulous business

Interesting posts, well-written and without a sales pitch. Such a great idea.

Lovely to hear your story and your passion shines through, it’s so important to let kids be kids and have fun!

A variety of institutions created on several levels – and to top it a family name that resonates in TW and beyond. Well done to all of you!

Fantastic Laura, I’m sure Calvermont will soar

Impressive! Enjoyed reading about how you came to be where you are today with your business. Kudos!

Love your collection of Brilliant Businesses, always good to hear success stories!

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